My favorite image


This is my favorite image in my hard disk. It is ‘Pieta’ ‘Pieta’ is a famous sculpture by Michaelangelo. I heard that ‘Pieta’ is a great piece of art but I did not have any thoughts about it. However, when I saw ‘Pieta’ with my own eyes, I couldn’t leave that place. I could not take my eyes off from that sculpture. The sad thing is that I was not able to stay there for long enough time because I was with other friends. I could not forget the moment that I first saw the facial expression of dead Jesus and Maria. ‘Pieta’ means ‘to have mercy on me’ in Italian. It was impossible to believe that Michaelangelo was able to make this when he was only 25. There was emotions could not be in text, deep emotions that I couldn’t even imagine the depth. I finally realized what Stendhal Syndrome was. Stendhal Syndrome really existed. I could never forget the moment that I saw ‘Pieta’.

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The flow of words fad away near me

While the scents of people fill the space around me

Sweet and bitter things inside me

A warm temperature stays in my hand

I look in the mirror

I cannot find myself

Where am I?

I am under a deep blue depression

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Is it okay to cell eggs? (argumentative essay)

Human races had overcome given natural limits with the development of technologies. Dreams of finding remedies for incurable diseases, getting over innate disability with body are not just dreams any more. People are now freer from the threat of natural limit or diseases which has been distressing human race for over centuries. Since biotechnology is a technology dealing with very sensitive subject, life, it is always an extremely controversial issue. The one of representative issue that shows the aspects of biotechnology is egg donation. Jessica Cohen, explain the actual condition of current egg donation. She sets her eggs as a product attempted by the extreme well payment from the egg seekers. She had a talk about details with the couple who want to buy her product. Before talking about how and why she was rejected, it is strongly needed for all of us to mention that this action of “selling and buying” eggs is wrong from its start. Eggs, which further means human body can never be the product sold or bought by money.

It is said “egg donation” but how can we say that it is a pure meaning of donation when these eggs are purchase d in an extreme amount of money, around $25,000? Isn’t it too much to confidentially say that it is just a reward payment? Even though that who receives the egg thinks it is just a simple reward for thankful donator, it is not for the so-called “donators”. They, especially university students like Jessica Cohen who qualify certain conditions simply think it as some kind of well paid part-time jobs. As this “egg market” keep exists, more women will consider egg as a good source of earning money thus leading to commercialization of women and babies that are “made”. It seems that a couple in the article is depicted extremely picky case, but disregarding that they were especially picky, it is still true that “egg donation market” require seller’s information. In the website that intermediate sellers and buyers require seller to give information in detail about not only the physical appearances but also SAT scores or even very minor things like grandparents’ heights. This list of information is used to rank women and their eggs from top class to bottom. Furthermore, it shows that the characteristics of “artificial babies” are ranked even before they were born and treated like one of product not one “life” that should always be respected.

When eggs are sold through such complicated processes, they face somewhat obvious problem. Artificially fertilized babies cannot be free from the prejudice upon them. It is quite understandable that if infertile couple can have a baby, they would wish their baby to be the best as possible. That must be the reason why they require SAT scores or physical appearance of “donators”.  The movie “Gatacca” is a film that question that how reliable the artificial human characteristics are. The main character that was naturally born was thought to be worse in every part than his brother with artificial genes. Later his potential ability exceeds those with artificial genes. The film gives us message that paying that much money for the superior eggs has no worth. People have potentials hidden in their genes so parents, should accept their children as they are and think them as precious independent “life”. In addition, egg donation is not an easy process to do as a simple “part-time job”. The woman donator should take birth-controlling pills; induce fertility hormones, and sets of blood tests. There are some extreme cases of being hospitalized because their ovaries are ruptured or hyper-stimulated. These can lead women to permanent damage in ovaries and their health. It is not a simple process as many women might think.

The society should recognize that when they are dealing with the eggs, they are dealing with one sole “life” which we cannot change with anything such as money. The egg market is developing in a deformed way which is far from its original meaning of giving hope to infertile couples. This egg market is commercializing not only the women donators but also future babies. “Life” is a precious thing that no artificial manipulation can be done. We should acknowledge that doing any artificial things on birth to make babies better are just making worse by giving them the limits even they are born. The perspective of seeing the egg, which means the “life” itself, should never be commercialized and treated as one of product. Human race had been running busy toward the development of technology. Now it is time to turn back and set correct standard on the technologies based on our ethic and moral values. Egg, which itself is a life should never be treated as a commercial product.


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My favorite word

My favorite word in my life is 관계關係

To know about meaning of the word, we should find out what do each Chinese characters mean.

The first letter 關 means to pull and to be related.

The second letter 係 means to connect, to tie.

Together, they mean various things close to original meanings

They are widely used for meaning people over two, or some kind of objects and situation are connected or related. In one word, it means all kinds of relation and relationship.

Second meaning is to pay attention to someone or some occasions.

Third meaning is reason, because of something in certain sentences.

The reason why I chose this word is that relation is the most essential part of our life. Since humans are social animals, we cannot stand the world without being related to someone around us. We need others when we live. People make relationship with each other. We are connected to everyone in any ways even though we are not realizing. Recently I earned something important from relationship and lost lots of things at the same time. In a life, the word relationship is the most important word because it is summary of every life.

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Reference: Medieval Weapons


  1. Introduction

It is not easy to have contact with medieval things in our normal life since it is a period over a thousand years ago. We can have contacts with medieval Europe by secondary sources like movies, novels and plays. In romantic fantasies we have about middle age formed by those sources, heroes appear as knights in usual. Knights in the stories protect and save princesses or ladies from dangers. Middle Ages seem like an era with romantic stories starred by royal families, nobility, and knights. However, Middle Ages were not really peaceful era.


Medieval weapons are kind of symbols of the middle age which describe well the society at that time. Weapons were used daily in Middle Ages because it was not really peaceful at that time. (1)Since its social structure based on feudalism, everyone had to owe to protect someone so they all had to fight for someone. Every man should be able to fight and acknowledge at least one type of weapon. This unique social structure and other essential factors caused frequent small and big wars between countries. The lords who own the land were always on wars against other lords to gain control over other territories. (2)It seemed the most popular activity was to take other’s land and power. The amount of war and fighting over land and power was quite staggering. Many castles were built during this time to protect the landowners and their seats of power. People were prepared for war at all times, as skirmishes or full out wars and battles were not infrequent.


However there were also some other reasons. In the middle Ages, they put a great importance on personal honors. Those who cannot protect themselves were only peasants and fools. To defend their personal honors, knights and royalty trained with weaponry. (3)They had a custom called ‘Duels’ which were official repaying to person who humiliated one in front of public. In addition, they should be able to join in army if they were summoned by king. If they couldn’t, it was a very shameful thing, and they were considered as peasants.


Thus, in needs of variety of weapons, different types of numerous weapons were developed at that time. According to the feudal system, variety of weapons was used in variety of classes. Knights and foot soldiers had different type of weapons. Knights could afford for expensive armors and weapons which require long training time, but normal foot soldiers could not afford it. The variety of weapons at this era would include polearms, battle axes, maces, billhook, caltrop, flail, halberd, longbow, bow, crossbow, pike, spear, and warhammer. Those weapons were used primarily by foot soldiers as knights needed weapons that could be used while on horseback. Their weapons consisted of the lance, shields and swords such as the broadsword, falchion, and great swords.


In this paper, I would introduce medieval weapons based on information appeared in movies we watched and other secondary sources such as websites and books about middle age. In the movies about middle age, it is easy to observe various types of movies they use and how they used it in what situations. I will explain what weapons they used depend on their classes and roles in the battle.


  1. Close range Weapons

In the wars, battles, and duels, warriors should be able to attack their opponents in front of them. The need to attack opponents in the close distance resulted evolution in close range weapons.


2.1 (4)Swords

As we hear the word, Middle Ages, most people are likely to come up with images of knight with huge swords fighting for their lord or ladies. Among various kinds of weapons of middle age, swords were most widely used weapons by not only the knights but people from all classes. Swords were very general weapon to have and use in the Middle Ages. A sword consists of a blade which is a long piece of metal with sharp points and edges used for attacking and a hilt to hold. Swords had many variations as various kinds of people used it. It varies from very long and fancy ones to short and simple ones according to their specific purposes and users.


Since swords were able to be in various categories, there are lots of ways to classify swords. One way of classifying swords depend on how many hands they use to hold and swing the sword. If a sword is held by only one hand, it is called single-handed. Obviously, if it requires two hands to use, it is called double-handed or two-handed. Single-handed swords include rapiers, spathas, and double-handed swords include claymores and so forth. In the movie ‘Ivanhoe’ and ‘El Cid’, which knights appear, we can see uses of swords. Including main characters ‘El Cid’ and ‘Ivanhoe’, other knights and warriors used swords as their weapon.


2.1.1    Claymore

(5)The word claymore came from Scottish ‘claidheamh mor’ which means “great sword”. As we can infer from the origin of the word, claymores were big swords with large blades.  Broadswords like claymores commonly used during roughly from 1350 to 1550 according to preference of long swords among European armies that period. However, uses of claymores declined about 16th century. The most famous users of these claymores are highlanders of Scotland and the Germanic Landsknechts. There are two types of claymores, one type is a two-handed sword with a cross hilt (a piece of metal placed between the blade and the hilt to protect user’s hand.) and other type is a basket-hilted broadsword used since 16th century. This latter type of claymores had a straight and single-edged blade


2.1.2     (6)Cutlass

A cutlass is a kind of sword with short and broad blade with a slight curve on the tip of cutting edge. It has a hilt that looks like a cup or basket. Cutlasses are mostly known as weapons of sailors. It was an effective weapon for sailors because it was powerful enough to chop out strong ropes, canvases, and woods. In addition, cutlasses were more effective weapons in close range battles than the full sized swords. The best advantage of cutlasses was in its simplicity of using. It did not require much training in using unlike other swords like rapiers. Cutlasses were not only used in the ocean, but they were also used in the land. Cavalry soldiers used cutlasses because curved blades of them made slashing enemies much easier. In the Ottoman Empire, Turkish warriors protecting the boundaries used cutlasses.


2.1.3    Rapier

A rapier is a sword with a relatively slim and pointy blade mostly for stabbing attacks and mainly used during 16th and 17th century. In general, rapiers are consisted of long pointy blades and sophisticated hilts. These complex hilts are made to protect hands from getting wounded. Different from other swords, rapiers had complicated structure of blades. (7)Blade of rapiers was divided into one, two, or even nine parts. Usually, rapiers had two parts of the forte and the debole. The forte is a strongest part of rapier placing closest to the hilt and the debole was the weakest part of rapier including the point and the second part of the blade. Rapiers are more effective when attacking opponents because they are lighter than the other weapons. Since rapiers are for thrusting not cutting, its blades should not be as wide as other swords.


2.1.4 Mace

(8)Mace is not a weapon used to cut something. It is categorized as a type of blunt weapons which are for hitting opponents. Mace is a very simple club weapon with a heavy and solid head to make critical damages. Mace is differentiated from hammer in way that it has symmetric head so it can give an equal effective attack to the enemy. The head of mace was slightly bigger than its stick and it was designed with flanges or knobs to allow great penetration to the armor. Its length varied from 70 centimeters to 90 centimeters but the maces of cavalry men could be longer to blow up the enemies up on the horseback.


2.2.1 (9)Flanged Mace; Flail, Morningstar

To strengthen the power of maces, there were some variations put on maces. One way was to design the mace with flanges. Flanges are projecting edges on an object to strengthen the object. One shortcoming of a mace is that mace cannot penetrate things. However, with flanges on the head of maces, it enables maces to give strong impacts and penetrate the armor at the same time. There are two types of flanged maces; one is a ball at the top of head and this is called a Morningstar and the one with head connected by chains is called a flail. In the movie El Cid, when El Cid is on duel to prove his innocence, the opponent of El Cid uses flanged mace as his weapon.


2.2    Armor

When we think about weapons, it is very easy to define that weapons are only for offense. However, as offense is crucial in the fighting, defense is also important. Good warriors should be able to defense and offense at the same time. That is the reason why armors were also important weapons in the middle age. In the movies, knights and other warriors wear armors which look like clothes. (10)This type of armors is made with numerous small metal rings linked together. It is called mail or chain mail. Mails were very effective at defending the wearer. In the middle age, mails were considered as an armor which is impossible to penetrate. Extremely well made weapons like swords and poles were able to cut the links between the rings, but usually the only thing that can harm a person in mail was blunt weapons like mace. Blunt weapons were able to harm the person without cutting through the armor but by the impact it can give at the hitting point. It was invented in the 1st millennium BC and used broadly until 14th century when plate armor was considered better.


Plate armors were used in the ancient times but it disappeared with collapse of Roman Empire. It was used again and replaced chainmail armors from the late 13th century. Full plate armors were very expensive to afford. It was made with plates or disks of steel were added slowly to chain mail armor to protect the vulnerable areas of the body. These were initially added on to the chain mail armor at the knees and armpits. Eventually plate armors progressed into a full body covering armor suit which covered and protected the knight from head to toe.


The movie ‘Ivanhoe’ takes place in period where chainmail was widely used so most armors in the movie are chainmail. Movie ‘El Cid’, time period about 11th century also wears chainmail for their protection. However, in the movie ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’, armors developed into plate armors. So the main characters including Francesco wears plate armors instead of chainmail.


2.2.1    Shield

(11)Shields are protective devices that defend attacks of opponents. It is easy to think that shields are not weapons but only for defending but it was also used as an actual weapon in battles. Shield was an inevitable component of armors of knights. (12)The decoration on shield, or shield symbols enabled recognition of the knights. There were largely four types of shield; kite shields, heater shields, the buckler, wall shields, and target shields. Knights in the movie ‘Ivanhoe’ have shields with all different designs which show where they are from.


2.5 Close range weapons in the middle age.

2.5.1     (13)Duels

Duels were engaged fight between two individuals usually occurred in order to protect one’s honor. Duels were somehow like trial by fighting because it was sometimes considered as one way to prove (14)guilt or innocence. (15)In early duels, thrusting versus cutting was considered as an ideal type of combat. It is unknown that how these rules were made. Weapons like sabre was a representative cutting weapon used in the duels and the representative thrusting weapon was rapiers. Features of duel appeared in movies ‘El cid’, and ‘Ivanhoe’ but they did not use rapiers, which were most common weapon for duels. Weapons for duel in ‘El Cid’ were axe and flail and weapons for duel in ‘Ivanhoe’ were lances.


2.5.2 (16)Knights

Among three types of soldiers in the middle age, knights, foot soldiers, and archers, knights played critical roles in the battles. They were the main strength of one army. Knight was like a tank in nowadays with full armor, shield, and powerful weapons. Soldiers and archers could not stand one knight. Because knights were that strong, they required long years of training. Normally, to be a knight, a man should have train themselves from age of eight. They needed to have strengths, know how to ride horses, and how to handle variety of weapons. They used long and broad swords and lances for their weapons. Knights wore armors and used shields for their protection.


III. Ranged Weapons

It was important to be able to attack opponents in front of me, but battles also required warriors to be able to attack opponents in the distance. It was not able to attack enemies in the distance with weapons like swords, maces, or axes. Ranged weapons enable attacks that close range weapons cannot make. Ranged weapons played its role in the battles as a backup of ranged weapons.


3.1  (17)Bows and Arrows

Among ranged weapons, bows and arrows were most commonly used weapon because of its simplicity to use. If swords were weapons for knights, bows and arrows were weapons for commoners. Bows and arrows were used in various situations such as (18)hunting, sport, or as weapons in the war. Bows and arrows consist of limbs and strings. Limbs are body part of bows. Length and flexibility of limbs decided the power of a bow. Bows cannot be a weapon without strings. Strings connect the tip of limbs and hold the arrow. Strings should be tight enough to draw back arrows and shoot them at appropriate power. With the development of other ranged weapons like gunpowder in the late middle age, bows and arrows were no longer used in the battles. In the movie ‘Ivanhoe’ Robin Hood and his troops use bows and arrows to siege castle.


3.1.1    (19)Robin Hood with his bows and arrows

Robin Hood, a hero of commoners in the medieval England is famous for using bows and arrows as his weapon. His weapon symbolizes his characteristic as a hero of commoner. He did not use swords like any other heroes at that time. He did not act like a superior noble hero who saved only princesses or ladies and stood above commoners but he also was a commoner too. He fought against nobility and was a friend of commoners. (20)In the movie Ivanhoe, Robin Hood appears as a supporter of Saxons and Ivanhoe, and attacks his enemies with bows and arrows. (21)It is said that he spent time to make his own bows and arrows.


3.2 Crossbows

Crossbows are type of weapon which is much evolved from bows and arrows in aspects of power. Crossbows work in mechanism similar to a siege weapon called ballista. Crossbows played a crucial role in the battles. The mechanism of crossbows is like automatic bows and arrows. (22)Bow is placed on a stick and there is a slot on a stick to place arrows. Then, arrow is pulled to the tip of the stick and when trigger is let out, arrows fly with more kinetic energy than average arrows. (23)The power of crossbows was powerful enough to kill the knights protected in full armors. Thus, soldiers with crossbows were positioned in the center with other soldiers with ranged weapons. Crossbows did not require several years of training to shoot well like bows and arrows.


3.3 Pole Weapons

If bows and arrows are to hit the enemy in far distance and not used as a melee weapon, pole weapons are kind of mixture between two types of weapons. Pole weapons are made out of long stick and the attacking part at the tip, so it could attack the enemies in a certain radius around the soldier. The power of pole weapons is that it has a strong angular energy when it is swayed and it is able to damage larger amounts of people than swords and other weapons can.


3.3.1    (24)Lances

Lance is an evolved version of a long spear generally used by chivalry soldiers. It was a long spear with tip on the end of it which size was up to four meters or longer. It was a powerful pole weapon of this time but it was ineffective in ways of killing people because it was too long and only available to attack one person at a time. Tip of lances were usually blunt shaping like a cone, to give stronger impacts when thrusting opponents. We can see these weapons in the movie ‘Ivanhoe’ at the scene Ivanhoe fights against several knights.



3.3.2    Pikes

Pike was a comparatively long weapon; its size varied from 3 to 6 meters. It would consist of long wooden stick and spearhead made of iron or steel at the top of it. It was used by soldiers to attack cavalry assaults.


3.3.3    (25)Halberd

Halberd is an axe on a stick. It was differentiated from axes because it provided ranged attacks and much powerful damages. Its long length enabled halberd to have larger power and damage severely both armored and unarmored opponents. Often there is a spike on top of the pole and on the other side of the axe blade to give a more precise armor-piercing weapon, as well as to give the user something to kill an opponent with on the backswing. Halberd appears in battles in the movies.


IV. Siege Weapons

In the middle age, wars occurred very commonly. There were major battles like the famous Crusades and also minor conflicts between the lords and kings. In the battle between the lords, its main purpose was to get control over the territory. The ones who had to protect their territory had castles to defend themselves from enemies. Since castles were not easy to fall down in front of attacks of normal weapons, the attackers needed special weapons to get over castles. They sieged the castle and put even stronger attacks by what are called siege weapons.


4.1 (26)Siege Tower

Castles were to strong and huge for soldiers to climb and since defenders in the castle occupies higher point in the battle, it was more advantageous for defenders. Attackers tried to climb the walls to get in castles but soldiers inside made it difficult by pouring boiling water or throwing boulders. A siege tower was a specialized siege weapon to protect themselves from defenders’ disturbance. It was a rectangular shaper tower with a height of a wall they should climb and four wheels to move it effectively. Siege towers had a danger of getting into fire since they were made out of wood; they covered the tower with iron or animal skins. When the tower is near the wall of castle, soldiers in the tower would rush into the castle and attack people inside the castle. It was used from age of Roman Empire and became more elaborate design in the middle age. However, the siege towers became useless after large cannons were developed. Siege towers can be seen in the movie ‘El Cid’.


4.2 Trebuchet

(27)The trebuchet was introduced to England by Louis of France in the 13th century. Trebuchet consists of a long arm pivoting on an axle at the summit of a high frame. The shorter end of the long arm carried enormous boulders and earths as a counterweight. The longer end, called the “verge”, was lowered down to ground level against the pull of the counterweight. This end carried the projectile, or missile, in either a spoon or sling which, when released, hurled its projectile in a high trajectory to a range which could be adjusted by a sliding counterweight on the longer arm. There is a similar type of weapon named catapult.


V. Medieval Weapons in the Movies.


5.1 El Cid

(28)In the movie ‘El Cid’, which is a movie about one war hero of medieval Spain, the hero El Cid mostly appears fighting in the battles or duels. In the ‘El Cid’, we can observe essential features of middle age battles and duels. In the movie, El Cid is in duel in order to prove his innocence. In the duel, El Cid and his competitor choose weapons to use. The competitor chooses a flail and El Cid chooses an axe.


(29)El Cid uses a sword like any other warriors in the middle age. His sword is a legendary sword and it is still considered as a highly valuable treasure. The name of this treasure is ‘Tizona’. Tizona is a sword made in Cordoba, Spain at the year of 1002. It is quite a long sword with the length of 103 centimeters and the weight of 1.1 kilograms. Tizona is known to be obtained during war with the Moors. (30)El Cid had gone through numerous battles with this sword and he did not even let the sword out of his hand when he was dying.


At the middle part of the movie El Cid, when El Cid and his army siege the castle of Valencia, we can see few features of medieval warfare. To take over castle, they use siege towers with wheels and ranged attack devices like trebuchet. In addition, it is able to assume arrangement of knights, foot soldiers, and archers in real battles.


5.2 (31)Ivanhoe

Ivanhoe was a noble knight of middle age England. He fought against knights under evil King John. Just like any other knights of that time, he wears armors to protect him and has a weapon to attack enemies. In this scene, fighting with other knights, we can observe that all knights have shields in different designs. Just like shown in the movie, design of shields showed the positions of the knights. The knights and Ivanhoe fights with a long ranged weapon named lances. Lances are ranged weapons commonly used by knights to attack opponents in distances while riding on horseback.


In the movie, there is a scene which Robin Hood and his follower siege castle with bows and arrows. In the middle age, archers brought certain amount of arrows with them so it is impossible shoot numerous amounts of arrows continuously like in the movie. In addition bows and arrows were not powerful enough to siege castle effectively and give critical damage to strong and firm castle walls. This scene is not really a fact but can be seen as an exaggeration of medieval battle to make the movie more interesting.


5.3 (32)Brother Sun, Sister Moon

This movie is about Saint Francesco and his life. Although main topic of this movie is neither knights nor wars, it is able to observe medieval weapons. When Francesco goes to war, he wears his armors. The type of armor he wears is typical plate armors which shaped for his body. Since background of this movie is 13th period, they come out with plate armors not chain mails.


VI. Conclusion


According to social structure of middle ages, it was very natural for them to have variety of weapons. Another name for middle ages was the Dark Age for frequent both minor and major wars. With these frequent battles, weapons of middle ages were separated in diverse kinds. Weapons can largely be categorized into close range, ranged, and siege weapons. Since a strict hierarchy existed in that era, different weapons were used in different classes and its uses were very various.


Close range weapons were used in battles and duels. In middle ages, knight itself was a powerful weapon. They usually used close range weapons such as swords. Swords are like representative weapon for noble knights. Long swords like claymores and rapiers were used by knights. Broadswords like claymores were used in the battle, and rapiers, sword for thrusting attacks were mainly used in duels between individuals. Close range weapons also include maces, which were club weapons to give impact damage to those who wear armors. Protective devices, armors and shields can also be called as weapons. They protected the wearers from attacks of other weapons.


Ranged weapons complemented a shortcoming of close range weapons. They enabled attacks in distances. The most common ranged weapon was bows and arrows. Bows and arrows did not require long training time, and they were easy to make. Later in the middle ages, bows and arrows evolved into much powerful form, crossbows. Other mainly used ranged weapons are pole weapons. Pole weapons are divided into more specific kinds, lances, pikes, and halberds. Lances were used by chivalry knights to attack enemies while riding on horse. Pikes were long stick and they were used by foot soldiers to attack knights on horses. Halberds were like long axes and its long swing gave more powerful shots.


Wars were not battles of individuals, but it was a war between two groups. Defenders had the best enormous shield for them, they were castles. Castles allowed the defenders to have ultimate defend upon attackers. Attackers made devices to conquer strong castles. To overcome handicap of being in lower places, they invented siege towers. Siege towers had soldiers inside the tower, so when they got closer to castle, soldiers would go inside and attack. They also had weapons have mechanism of crossbows, trebuchet and catapults. Those two are kind of similar so I only introduced trebuchet.




VII. Reference


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What will happen in Korea?

Recently, the website called ‘Wikileaks’ revealed several secret diplomatic documents. The whole world is in great disorder because these documents contains very secret things between countries. It also includes view of near countries toward North Korea. North Korea is being a big issue because they attacked Korea about a week ago. The world is paying attention on this far east small peninsula of Asia. By the reveal of documents, North Korea seems more and more isolated worldwide.

What most people paid attention, is that attitude of China toward North Korea. China is considered as North Korea’s almost only alliance. However, it is turned out that China too is tired of North Korea making problems. In some of documents China described North Korea as ‘a spoiled child who does bad things to get what they want’ and some of new leaders of China is willing to support the unifications of North and South Korea lead by South Korea.

According to the newspapers and broadcasts, China is slowly realizing that being alliance of North Korea is also making them isolated from other nations. If North Korea does not stop stimulating other countries especially the US and South Korea, China will make the action that will be the best for them.

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Turn on Tomorrow

making film of this CF

notice that i’m not advertising samsung but just attracted by this magnificent video clip!!

Can’t believe they did this in reality. I thought it was just some kind of CG.

heard they took 8 months to make this 1 minute video clip

I wonder how would it feel like see that with my own eyes!

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Onerepublic – Apologize

I’m holding on your ropeGot me 10 feet off the groundAnd I’m hearin’ what you say but I just can’t make a soundYou tell me that you need me then you go and cut me downBut waitYou tell me that you’re sorry didn’t think I’d turn around and say:
That it’s too late to apologizeIt’s too lateI said it’s too late to apologizeIt’s too lateTo late… oh…
I’d take another chance, take a fall, take a shot from youI need you like a heart needs a beat, it’s nothing newYeah, yeahI loved you with a fire red now it’s turnin’ blueAnd you saySorry, like the angel heaven let me think was youBut I’m afraid
It’s too late to apologizeIt’s too lateI said it’s too late to apologizeIt’s too lateOh… oh…
It’s too late to apologizeIt’s too lateI said it’s too late to apologizeIt’s too late
I said it’s too late to apologizeYeah… I said it’s too late to apologizeYeah…
I’m holding on your ropeGot me 10 feet off… the ground

In a life, we all make mistakes. However, sometimes we lose a chance to apologize at appropriate time.  I lose chances to apologize and regret often. I regret why I didn’t say the simple word ‘I’m sorry’. When I listen this song I can look back what I did wrong, and regret that I couldn’t apologize.

In addition, I like its music video very much.

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I’m In Here

I’m in here, can anybody see me? Can anybody help?
I’m in here, a prisoner of history, Can anybody help?
Can’t you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I’ve been waiting for, You to come rescue me, I need you to hold, All of the sadness I can not, Living inside of me.
I’m in here, I’m trying to tell you something, Can anybody help?
I’m in here, I’m calling out but you can’t hear, Can anybody help?
Can’t you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I’ve been waiting for, You to come rescue me, I need you to hold, All of the sadness I can not, Living inside of me.
I’m crying out, I’m breaking down, I am fearing it all, Stuck inside these walls, Tell me there is hope for me Is anybody out there listening?
Can’t you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I’ve been waiting for, You to come rescue me, I need you to hold, All of the sadness I can not, Living inside of me.
Can’t you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I’ve been waiting for, You to come rescue me, I need you to hold, All of the sadness I can not, Living inside of me.
I’m in here, can anybody see me? Can anybody help?


I listen this song when I feel lonely and depressed. Sometimes I feel like no one understands me and no one is beside me. I wait for the person who will find me in this loneliness.

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Hello world!

My name is Min Kim. Unlike other friends I have only one letter for my name. I have a story about having a special name. My mother had a common name so she didn’t like her name. She named my older sister with one letter ans so as me and my younger sister. When I was young, I hated my name because kids could not stand different style of naming. I was laughed at for my name and I desperately wanted to change my name.

I didn’t like my name only until I was 11. I started to like my name when teacher was angry at the whole class one day and made us write our names a hundred times, in Chinese characters.  I only had 200 letters to write, so I could go home earlier than any other classmates. I finally acknowledged one of advantages of my name. My name is short so everyone could remember my name easily. Also anyone from any country can pronounce my name. The letter ‘Min(珉)’ means jade. I do not think my mother named it out of deep concern but I like it anyway.

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